Benjamin Evans

Benjamin Evans

Who is Benjamin Evans? An adventurist, developer, tinkerer, and seeker of brave new worlds or so I would like to think. I’ve flown planes, raced lawn mowers and when I put things back together there are always a few screws left over.

What I do

It is my hope to share my excitement of Computer Vision and Deep learning with the world. These topics are usually reserved purely for the academic but I believe that most everyone can understand them. Even the most advanced topics are usually accessible when explained correctly.

More of my professional profile can be found here.

How to get in Touch with me

Whats up with all the Zen References?

Good question! Both as a person and a professional I have been guided by the philosophy. Zen means sitting meditation, a transliteration of the Sanskrit term dhyāna. One of the interesting things that comes with Zen is the use of simple terms which have quite a bit of depth. But here are the key points it has brought into my life.

  • The answers are found first hand. One should explore and see the world with your own eyes, this gives the best prospective to challenge your assumptions. It is important to always challenge your assumptions.
  • Minimalism. Don’t add more than what can’t be taken away.
  • Unity. While reductionism can help build depth of understanding, we come closest to truth by stopping from time to time to see the whole.
  • Also do good and help others in making a better world, because duh! 🙂

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