Skill Growth: Or how I learned to love the blog

So this being the first formal blog in some time as well as the very first for the site so I figured that my first topic should be on blogging itself. It has occurred to me on numerous occasions, in both recalling technical issues I have faced as well as clarifying my own thoughts, how really useful blogging is. Though it doesn’t help to have poor memory and terrible grammatical skills. But if trial by fire can’t cure early onset Alzheimer’s then I don’t know what can. So let’s get this ramble going.


To blog or not to blog?

If you are here then I’m pretty sure you have a solid handle on the concept of blogging, so I’m going to skip being a Webster dictionary knock off. That said, the Internet has provided an enormous soapbox for us to stand on so why not use it. On top of the fact that there’s a vast number of content hungry users which have been provided to us by the glorious proliferation of the internet. This has thus created a huge churning pool of knowledge consuming, LOL cats viewing (God only knows what else) group of individuals seeking quality content. All of which may find your ideas to be helpful to them. This gives us the unique opportunity to dive in and see what ideas you have that actually stick and refine them accordingly.

That being said blogging’s greatest potentials lay not only in the fact there are others out there that may find your content useful, but that you yourself may find the act of writing useful. The act of writing requires us form ideas which can easily be conveyed to others. A great deal of mental house cleaning is needed to preform this feat and as we solidify our ideas it allows them to become clearer. Ideas are then illuminated to our-self’s as well giving clearer authority and understanding of them.

What is your blogging tool, and what does it do?

Now hopefully you read the section header with an Austrian accent, if not I’m disappointed in you dear reader. But to the relevant conundrum. Although the majority of my previous blogs have been generally technical, I’m going to forgo replicating the majority of the Internet and provide you with one key tip. Though I will list out several useful links towards the end of the blog for expanded reading. Now as a blogger there really is only one tool that you need and its name is WordPress. Now I know a large segment of the Internet will disagree with me and that’s OK. But in reality it’s such an easy tool with many features that unless its your sole source of income and you have excessive spare time why distract yourself from the most important element, content content content.

But I do promise more to come soon! In the meantime I will be working to get the rest of the site ship-shape and bristol fashion.